Center for Disease Control recommends top sodium intake of 500 mg a day


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You can find much more help at Feel free to e-mail Chef Don from that site. He started the no-salt solutions for heart disease, Meniere's and other ailments. Why not ask the person whose studied this subject and guided more than 100,000 people back to health?

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Ask Flip Manne, President of the L.A. Jazz Association and former Rockette. "Meniere's Syndrome caused my severe dizziness. A few months after using Don's recipes, I am back to normal. Wonderful!"
Low-Sodium Cookbook Recommendations

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No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook
The book that started it all. The first no salt, low sodium book of its kind in the world. And not just another cookbook. This is the no-salt cookbook with a 28-day meal planning guide. The original dietary approach to stopping hypertension and reversing heart disease. 301 low sodium recipes for this book. Also a full series covering all aspects of meals, snacks, low sodium deserts and more, each Published by MacMillan-St. Martin's Press in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010. Still the world leader in helping to reverse heart disease (CHF) and stop dizziness from Meniere's. Click here to view at Amazon.

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Living Well Without Salt
Living Well Without Salt is a culmlination of thousands of success stories due to Chef Don's Macmillan-St. Martin's series of No-Walt Lowest-Sodium Cookbooks. These successes have beene recorded at This book helps with Meniere's, Nephrotic syndrome, hypertension, dilated cardiomyopathy and other ailments requiring a low sodium lifestyle. Click Here to View at Amazon

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No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Light Meals Book
If you love soups, this one is for you. Salads, too and a bunch of sandwiches and bread recipes along with spice mixes. Top quality recipes here for no-salters. Click here to view at Amazon

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No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Baking Book
They said we couldn't bake with out salt. We proved them wrong. Each of our books has bread recipes along with rolls, loaves, buns and more including muffins and cakes. This was the first and is still the only no salt bread cookbook on the market. Click Here To View At Amazon

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No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium International Cookbook
No-Salt recipes from around the world and varioius part of the U.S. where unique spells the area. Asian, Euorpean, South America and South African recipes in this book are authentic and exciting. Click Here To Visit Kindle Page at Amazon

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No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Barbecue Book
Only low-sodium barbecue cookbook on the market today. Outstanding recipes for entrees, side dishes, desserts and appetizers &mdah; each for the barbecue dinner of a lifetime. Click here to view at Amazon

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The Sporting Chef's Favorite Wild Game Recipes
Sporting Chef Scott Leysath features many recipes without the use of salt. Nearly all are convertible to domestic meals with fish, fowl or beef and pork. Exchange any salt suggested with your favorite herb or spice mix.

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