Our Low Sodium Lifestyle has helped thousands reverse heart disease.



Chef Don's first book
is in its 15th or 16th printing. More than 100,000 users have written to him praising the recipes and crediting his books for saving their lives. For more see the testimonials for a no salt lifestyle at

Living Well Without Salt
has proved to be as popular as the No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook. It contains 200 recipes designed for low sodium, no salt lifestyles with each recipe rated for diabetics, using the Carb Choices program.

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About Us

Low Sodium has been online helping congestive heart failure patients and those with Meniere's and other ailments calling for lower sodium intake for more than a decade. We were founded in the earliest day of the Internet when it was chaos and confusion, a Net without order. We came online shortly after started the no-salt, low sodium lifestyle for CHF, cardiopathy, nephrotic neuropathic and other ailments. We learned that heart patients had a high chance of contracting diabetes and that diabetics could in turn, develop heart disease among other maladies. Cutting salt out and lowering carbohydrates helps with these and other ailments. Our newest cookbooks rate each recipe for diabetics and are good for all other ailments. Chief among those are congestive heart failure (CHF), Nephrotic syndrome, hypertension, strokes, heart attack, stomach cancer and more.

For those with peripheral neuropathy, the help we provide is basically a lifestyle (low sodium) that will help ease the pain and pressure felt with neuropathy. By losing weight (obtaiining a weight consdered healthy for your height and age), and holding down the exccessive pressure created by excess body fluids, and by lowering our carbohydrate intake at least below 180 grams, we are able to cut down our neuropathy pains. Some can take medicines like Gagapentin and mask the pain, but some can't. Based on our personal experience, for those who can't take medications for neuropathy, then we strongly suggest those who can't ease the pain with medication, controlling sodium and carbohydrate intake helps.